Testing Services


HVTS High Voltage
Testing Services

specialises in the testing and servicing of equipment used by operational staff.

HVTS can perform the purchasing, testing and life cycle management of operational equipment.

As operational people, we understand what you need and expect from your equipment and can source and supply the equipment suitable for your application.

HVTS High Voltage Testing Services conducts testing and calibration of operating equipment according to relevant Standards and Guides. 

Typical equipment includes:

Multimeters and IR testers

Tested to manufacturers specifications using NATA certified Fluke calibration equipment.

High Voltage Detectors

Contact and non-contact high voltage detectors tested to manufacturers standards using NATA certified Fluke calibration equipment and Hipotronics test equipment.

High Voltage Operational Sticks

Tested to the requirements of ISSC 14 at 45kV or if required to AS 5804.3 at 75kV using NATA certified Hipotronics test equipment.

High Current Earthing Systems

Portable earthing systems to manufacturers and IEC specifications using NATA certified high current test equipment.

Low Voltage Rescue Kits

Tested as per ISSC 14 requirements.

Inservice Partial Discharge Diagnostics and Testing

PD surveys for new and old installations metal clad, cables, substations and ariel networks using the latest test gear from the developers of non-intrusive partial discharge testing.